IMPORTANT: Graceland Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is not a shelter or facility that can house dogs.  We receive countless requests each month to take in unwanted pets.  We are not equipped to take in dogs on a moment's notice.  There is a process for each dog being surrendered and we usually have a waitlist of other dogs needing our help as well. 

Before contacting us about surrendering your dog, please consider the following:


No matter what the situation, your dogs would most likely rather stay with you for the rest of their time on earth.  Uprooting a dog and rehoming them can be tremendously stressful and confusing.    

We will always do our best to support those of you that are determined to make things work!


If you are experiencing behavioral issues with your dog, we'd be happy to direct you to a trainer or dog-behaviorist that may be able to help.  Almost all behavioral issues are fixable and training is an amazing way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

If finances are an issue, you can reach out to our local food bank that can often provide food for pets. There are also credit programs that your Veterinarian can assist you with to help with the costs of caring for your pet.  

If you are still certain you need to surrender your dog, please submit our Surrender Form and include as much information as you can.  We will do our best to reply as quickly as possible.  Thank you.

Surrendering Your Dog