Everything Vegan is a cruelty-free apparel company, founded by Aaron Seminoff in

Sunny California.  They offer cruelty-free apparel that is 100% vegan and printed with organic water based inks.  

Graceland Animal Rescue is a proud supporter of Aaron and Everything Vegan.  Check out their vegan t-shirts and support another great cause that stands up for all animals and animal rights.

KP K9 Duty offers Dog Walking & Pet Sitting services at an amazing price.  KP gives new Graceland Animal Rescue adopters a free day of dog-sitting ($30 Value).

Please contact Karen at (970) 201-7101 to find out more about the wonderful care she provides for your furry family members in Grand Junction, Co.

We make sure all of the dogs that we rescue are given the best medical care.  All Pets Centerof Grand Junction helps out by giving our dogs medical care at a low cost to ensure they are healthy upon adoption.  

All Pets Center has always gone above and beyond with our dogs and we continue to refer all of our adopters to them, as they have already established a relationship with the dogs we adopt out to the community.  

All Pets Center is located at:

424 S 5th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 241-1976


Graceland is lucky to have sponsors from businesses that support our rescue efforts.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us at gracelandanimalrescue@gmail.com