Meet our Hospice Dog(s) 

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ASIA -15-year-old female Pug, approx 24 lbs.

Asia is partially blind & deaf but gets around really well, once she knows the layout of the home and yard.  She would do best in a home without steps or stairs.  She gets along great with other dogs and mostly naps throughout the day.  She came to us with a horrible infection in both ears that went untreated for too long.  She is currently on steroids to help with the information and her ears are definitely on the mend.  Asia is on a diet specific to her needs as an overweight senior with arthritis.  We also give her supplements that have helped with her mobility quite a bit.  It's hard to explain but we can tell how much she is enjoying the TLC she is getting. She loves to feel pampered and even enjoys her weekly bubble baths.  If you would like more info about Asia, please email us or submit our Frosted Faces Foster Application

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Graceland Animal Rescue & Sanctuary rescues several senior dogs each year, some that most likely will not be adopted due to their age or medical prognosis.  We bring these dogs in and get them examined by our veterinarian right away and formulate a hospice plan soon after. 

Each dog's needs are as individual as the dog themselves.  Some are blind, deaf, or both.  Many can be incontinent, arthritic, and need a lot of assistance throughout the day.  Most of these dogs will require some medical attention in some way, for instance, dental surgery, tumor removal, eye & ear treatments. 

It is our goal to give them the best care and plenty of TLC.  Ideally, we'd like to find a committed hospice foster for them.  This gives the dog a sense of stability and the chance to feel cherished in his or her final weeks or months.  Graceland supplies foster families with everything needed, including food, bedding, ongoing support, and we cover the cost of all medical expenses.  

If you are interested in fostering or bettering our hospice program in any way, please email us or submit a Frosted Faces Application.  The more fosters we have, the more dogs we are able to help.  


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